So, I'm a lazy bastard and did everything before making the thread and forgot to take a bunch of pics

Here's what I planned to do-

Strip down to bare wood - Took a few days of sanding and sanding.
Paint some design on it.
Clear coat, put back together.

Simple enough.

Used model paints to paint skull & crossbones, and a pirate map, sea monsters, etc.
Clear coated, used about a whole can of the crap.
Polished.. Polished and shined.
Put everything back in.
Since I never use the neck pickup, I put it in, but didn't wire it up, just wired the bridge pickup (Again, lazy bastard).
In my 2am stupor I screwed the bridge on backwards
Took a few minutes to realize & fix that.
Now, for the strings.

.080 bass string for the B, .056 for the E, and so on.
Had to drill a hole in my tuner for the .080, took a longass time and a lot of blisters until finally... Pulled out the power drill, and did it perfect in a few second.
Again... It's 2 am and I wasn't thinking straight.
Put the strings on, had to raise the action a crapload.
Tuned it to GCFA#D#GC. Now it's done, and I made a thread about it!

More pics when I'm not so lazy.