been working on this song a bit and i'm really pleased with the way it's turning out thus far. it's only a minute and a half or so so far, and it's no where near completion. i haven't yet added the bass part, but will do so soon. if you can't tell, there's a guitar, piano, and tubular bells (large xylophone.) it's kind of an odd/zappanesque piece. crit for crit, just leave a link.

EDIT: there's an odd pause in the begininng of the intro, and that happened due to a glitch in powertab when i uploaded it into midi format.

btw, it's in 4/4 timing.
The Statistics.zip
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Nice I like the tubular bells its somthing you dont hear very often . I thought It was very entertaining But the ending was odd but im assuming you plan on adding more.

Could you take a look at one of mine links in sig
sounds like you just entered an odd part in a video game, lol, but it pretty good imo, a little random at some times, but good, crit any of mine if you get a chance, there all in my sig, thanks!!!