Yeah. This is my band.

Our first song we made up on our uber-productive April 8th jam session called "Cat Has Many Great Qualities/Mexican Girls are fine" this song was made in attempt to boost Cat's moral when Terry and I failed to make her a guitar virtuoso. Terry and I sing and play guitars on this. terry is playing my acoustic, and i'm playing my electric


About 10 seconds after we ended that song, Terry started singing this song about Cat killing marine life in Alaska, and then I quickly butted in with some minor chords. It's called "All Those Pretty Fishes":


And then came the next 8 minute gem, "You Just Might be a very good actor (and that's a fact sir)" about how Cat could be a very good actor, and it also teaches us too look inside ourselves and find out what life is really about. Very deep song (terry and i sing and play guitars):


Comments????? suggestions?????