im not sure if this is the right forum but i couldnt see one called 'name this song' so apologies if its wrong. its a song by nickleback, i think its off their silver side up album. its quite heavy compared to their other stuff that i've heard. the intro riff is repeated more or less throughout the song just palm muted or as chords in the chorus, sorry i cant be more detailed but this is the best i can do.

please help its really bugging me

cheers in advance
Hey im not sure if it's the right song or not but i think the song may be woke up this morning?
this will sound stupid but whats double kick, sorry im a bit nieve when it comes to this sort of stuff. it finishes on a chorus if that helps
Well it's either:

Never Again
How you remind me
Woke up this Morning
Too Bad
Just for
Money Bought
Where do I hide
Good Times gone.

There, all the songs from the Silver side up album.
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