We were 13 when we recorded that. We had just watched a high school production of It's a Wonderful Life and the cold Illinois winter spirit was in us all and we recorded this gem.
Hey n00bs go **** your ****ing selves and get a ****ing sense of humor you ****ing ****s i've been a member for years you little **** lickers for real.
Except for crazy. I respect your opinion.
I have a sense of humor....I laugh at funny things........I usually find the good side of everything........mmm not laughing........not seeing the good side

And wow you been a member since jul 2004!! ...Im not worthy.
Now Is Not The Time To Cry....Now's The Time To Find Out Why!!!!
Lmfao dude.... This particular song isnt to be ridiculed , you should try other songs ..
But , nice try nevertheless...
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
I loved(love) the song as much as you guys, and was living and dying with this song back then as well. It's still nice to scream your heart out sometimes. we had a lot of angst back in the 7th grade.
Aww I was hoping for Azumanga madness T_T
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