what are the best single coil pickups for stuff like chillis and blues ?
would help if they would fit a squier strat

Any help appreciated thanks
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single coils are universal so that they fit any guitar. one size fits all. for value id go for the fender tex mex single coils. depends on how much you want to spend but for only 70 quid imo thats good value.

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Check out www.guitarfetish.com and their GFS single coils. I used their hot alnico staggered set and got a very good texas special tone. $54 for a set of 3. Very good pickups.
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thanks and you no you need a smoldering iron (if thats the name of it) to wire them up, could i use a normal iron (one for clothes 1)?
You're probably talking about a soldering iron, you can probably get one on ebay for around $10- 20... and you'll need one of these for any wiring job.
^ not really no. And for that type of music, I'd say look at the Bareknuckle Mother's Milk single coil set. It costs £165 for the three, but the picup was modelled after Frusciante's tone, and I've heard it's pretty much the closest you'll get to his tone. And of course his tone will be good for blues and whatnot too anyway.
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go to radioshack and get u an soldering iron for $19 and some are less than that, and at my local Autozone, they had one for $5.99
Someone mentioned GFS pickups. I have a set of GFS pickups in my MIM strat and I have real mixed feelings about them. They are allegedly the I28 premium overwound pickups, but mine don't have a noticibly higher output than the stock ceramic pickups. The bridge pickup's staggers were sticking out the back, and not the front, so i shoved them back through and was lucky this didn't cause a short in the windings.
I emailed jay at gfs, and got a rather defensive set of emails from him, and he simply repeated that the gfs overwounds were way higher output than stock pickups. that wasn't my experience, but he stuck to his story.
Another problem was the staggers were different heights on all three pickups, and varied in the difference between the three staggers on the respective strings of each pickup. This all shows me that quality control is a big problem at GFS and jay's defensive answer shows they aren't as concerned with quality as they are their company image. I would buy another set, but i wouldn't bother buying their "higher end" pickups again, because they aren't any higher end than their lower priced pickups.
one guy recently posted on a forum and said that his pickups were definitely not the overwounds he had ordered, but he was happy enough that he didn't plan on returning them.
i have seen posts by jay, where he claimed that quality control had improved greatly at GFS. but, i haven't seen him put his money where his mouth was and offer to send new pickups to replace the ones I had issues with. They sound fine, but they aren't what i wanted, or what was advertised on his site.