Hey guys I've been playing for about a year and have caught on quickly. I play both acoustic and electric and was wondering what you think is the best instructional book for stuff like technique, scales, rythm, and just general stuff that is a little beyond the very basic stuff. Thanks in advance.
both john petrucci books are pretty cool, one is from his movie, rock discipline. The other one is called Wild Stringdom. Both have a lot of stuff on technique and focus a lot on soloing (speed, accuracy, endurance etc.) They don't really have stuff in them on theory or scales...
As far as notation goes, two of the most popular method books I know of are the Mel Bay series, and the Berklee Modern Method for Guitar. I'd recommend both highly starting with the expanded edition of Mel Bay book one to learn easy sight reading and music fundamentals. Then get into the Berklee book to reiterate that basic foundation. Berklee will continue into lessons on scales later in the book.

I dont doubt some people would bash the Mel Bay series, as it starts off with extremely easy stuff, but hey, if you cant play that easy stuff, no use going into anything more difficult. Berklee is a college level book, literally used in the guitar program at that school.

Oh, and get a teacher...they can help more than any book ever will.
I purchased a book called "Guitar Encyclomedia" when I started playing again late last year. Pointer to it at the bottom of this thread. I've reviewed countless theory books in my life and have never seen anything quite like this.

It does not focus on any particular style necessarily. The emphasis is on REALLY learning ALL of the chords that any guitarist might use. One learns the notational structure of all scales by understanding that beneath it all, music is audibilized mathematics. You are taught the mechanics of what goes into the make-up of all chords. Trying to memorize depictions on chord charts is an exercise in futility.

This book is not for the brain dead. It's over 300 pages and very serious. When you get through it all(and that will take awhile), you will have been exposed to every scale imaginable and have the tools needed to be a CREATIVE guitarist, irrespective of your musical preference.