Ok, I can do pinch harmonics but I can do them in songs. Like, basically, I can play something in either ALL pinch harmonics or NO pinch harmonics. I've tried holding the pick differently but it still works out like that and I can't change how I hold the pick while i'm in the middle of playing something. Does anyone have any advice to give? Or maybe i've just been holding my pick wrong, how do you guys do it?
Do you accomplish it at all during songs?
Have done a good pinch harmonic while playing songs?

Right now, all I can tell you is practice. Try to feel how you play a pinch harmonic when you're just doing pinch harmonics. That might help.
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basically the only way to switch from playing a pinch harmonic to not during play is to reposition your thumb or hold it a different way. if you can imagine it, kinda tilt your thumb towards the edge of the pick while you're playing. that's similiar to what i do anyway.
Just stick your thumb in there when you wanna do a ph. You don't have to change the way you hold the pick if you're doing it correctly.
I find it really difficult to actually move my thumb on the pick though. So i'll just find it easier overtime I geuss?

Ok, how about you guys give me some riffs with some pinch harmonics that I can practice, i've been trying Seven by Necrophagist, is that like, to difficult to start with?
The thing is, you have to hold your plectrum like that ALL of the time, no matter what. It's not just good for pinch harmonics, but it helps you pick faster overall. If your new to pinch harmonics, then I think Seven is a stretch. Go for some old Ozzy Osbourne some time during or after Bark At The Moon. Jake E. Lee was absolutely head over heels with pinch harmonics, and so is Zakk Wylde.
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