Costed me around 550 Canadian bucks! 80 bucks from the hard case.

I was just wondering maybe it would of been better if I bought the Washburn D10S instead ? Like 100-200 bucks cheaper.

But I am not sure... first Guitar I've bought.
I just hope your not a total begginer spending that type of money. Is this your first guitar or just first acoutic?
First Guitar ( ihad a cheap 30 dollar one before...I don't count it as I didn't buy it), and will be the only acoustic; giving myself another couple months before I purchase an electric.

And I'm a total beginner.

I asked the store if they had any Yamaha FS700S and the FS730S (forgive me if I got the model name wrong) and a 3 other ones. They only had the Washburn DW10S which was about 250 bucks.
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I like the DW7 and i'm not a begginer. I reckon you made the right choice. It's a guitar i'd reccomend to someone who's starting out.. i've always had a thing for Yamaha, even if they are mass produced at an sickening rate.

i haven't ever played that model, but if you like the guitar then you bought the right guitar. period.
Hi. I am wondering what the difference between a DW7 and a FG730S would be? They are about the same price. If anyone can tell me the differences that would be great! Cheers
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i'm a newb and i just bought an fg700s...it sounds amazing...then again i'm new so i'm not the best juge, but for $200, i coulnd't be happier.

plus, i hear solid tops are good...not sure what the difference is lol...but it sounds good
Quote by fsb_ben
for that price i think u coulda got a better guitar

while i dont know this particular guitar, price does not mean its a better guitar

ps. woops i misread your post, disregard, thought you were saying it was better just cause it cost more. sorry
I posted a YouTube video of me playing some easy songs few months ago, but I took it down since I sucked, .

A few said that they loved the tone of my guitar. I have a DW7