I totally just improvised this, and I want to know if anyone thinks it could be made into a legitimate prog/death metal song. I suppose it tells a cloudy story of a post-apocalyptic future.

On that fateful day
The head of your leader lay
He's been running since the second year
Death always was near

And they caught up
Only then, and sure enough
They slit his throat
Tossed the body in a boat
And your country set sail

With that you were chosen
Eyes swelled shut and frozen
For that moment in time
You were in the light
Number one, leader of the fight
And during that illuminate night
Were told "You got no right"

You replicate the sin
Again and again
Failing to receive
The message given

One day the stars'll fall
And the guards'll have you up against the wall
You'll wonder whats going on
And finally realize your mistake

Locked in that cell
You see that you put them through Hell
Toss those bones and the dirt down into the well
Close the door, because this life is over

You hear those clicks, wonder what it could be
Tap your fingers on your knee
The sound grows, grows, gets loud
Try to open your eyes and ears
But there is only a cloud

It's those heels of the boots that surround the soldier's feet
The cobbled echoes pain your stunned ears
They see you, locked away, hammer through the walls, and you get it
You're the fresh meat.