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3 7%
6 14%
11 26%
6 14%
5 12%
7 17%
4 10%
Voters: 42.
I'm a guitar nerd Put why the mode is your favorite.

Phrygian, because of spanish phrygian solos!
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Aeolian cause I like sad music - although I tend to use whatever scale and just start it in a different place to get the sound I want and add in chromatics. Like I have this sad song that has a happy resolution to it, I use the major scale but resolve to the fifth so the piece is Mixolydian.

It's just the way I work, I don't know all the scale shapes, I can just kinda work my way around a single one to get the effect I need.
Locrian is way more sad if you use it wisely.

Im a Lydian guy......
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Phrygian, it's just got that kickass metal tone coming from the b2nd.

Locrian seems kinda tense to me, works well for crescendos and building towards climaxes.

Apparently Ionian isn't very popular
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I'd have to say that out of those choices, I love using Phrygian the most. You've got your haunting, exotic, and metal feels all in one mode. That's what I've always loved about it.
Lydian cuz it give me a vaiy (steve vai) feel and i like that #4.
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Lydian is probably te coolest mode, its got that certain vibe to it, although i dont tend to use it alot, i usually use aeolian/dorian, alternating the 6-b6 to give my solos a twist every now and then
i find myself using dorian a lot. though most of the time im not thinking like, "ok im going to use this and this mode" it just happens to be the notes im hitting when i solo since i know where to play diatonically across the fretboard and the notes i resolve to usually imply dorian, and other times aeolian, and phygian to a lesser extent.
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Mixo FTW, it just makes me feel like im floating through a cloud, i could play around with it for hours without moving. or the good old dorian for straight-out rockin' jams
I like a few modes, namely Phrygian (of course), Aeolian & Lydian...

I really like Lydian tho cuz with the right articulation, it can sound really aggressive or really melancholic. It's kinda weird if u think about it but it's true!
I use Mixolydian a lot, I guess... it comes up a lot in my jams. Spanish Phrygian is cool too, but that's not an option.
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I guess I'm the only Locrian lover...I just love the sound in an unexplainable way, and made my first nice bassline in that mode, so it has sentiment.
Aeolian, i can get soo much emotion from it, it just fits me perfectly. As quinny said, I like to swap between Aeolian and Dorian sometimes.
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Harmonic Minor and Phrygian
Nice, spanishy, exotic sounds
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I like the Locrian. It the tension is great when you use it right. E locrain is agreat key for metal and it keeps you from doing E5 so its a little bit of a change.
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I'm a Dorian guy myself, it seems so versatile.
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