very good band, and they have pretty easy songs to play too.
Rap --- Greenday

"life floats in a moving stream and you have
to move with it or it leaves you."
I think the other founding band members made the right choice in bailing when they did. I saw a picture of the 'new' Everclear, and I was like who the hell are those people?!>! I heard the new single, and it sounds like every other everclear song. Oh yea! Oh yea! Oh no! Yea! Yea! Yea! Okay Art, we get it, your stuck in a creative rut.
everclear's sparkle in fade is my favorite album, I think they were better back then when they had more of the rock feel to them. So much for the afterglow wasn't bad at all, had some really good songs on there. Wonderful is a good song though.
so much for the afterglow was all right, i heard the new single on leno tonight though and between the shoddy songwriting and the shoddy performance it was pretty bad. art's voice was off, there were little timing slips, just not polished at all. and no energy either.
Quote by ~yardweasel~
very good band, and they have pretty easy songs to play too.

everclear is a very powerful, lyrical band that deserves an A+ rating among all bands of the 90's. They are my favorite band actually of all time, if you've listened and I mean really listened you'd understand what I'm saying. Can't wait till thier new album comes out, Alex is a genius--peace.