Hello all,
This is my first post and indeed my first thread, so I'll start by showing you what I (with help) spent today doing...

I recently aquired my first guitar... A Squire Tom Delonge Stratocaster, which, without being too harsh, ain't great, but its a start.

It doesn't sound too hot and isn't very versitile so I started looking around and came across this whilst browsing tinternet...

So it arrived this morning!

First of all, as it was a single humby guitar, Squire didn't bother swimming-pool routing it... which was helpful of them
So we marked out everything that needed to go...

and started routing...

Pickguard in the flesh, with a smattering of sawdust...

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Finished the routing... its a little rough and needs some sanding


Finally... finished product

I'm in love with how it looks, sounds a world better too. Couldn't have done it without Dookie's help, you might have recognised his router and garden where I helped him (a little bit!) with his strat project.

Hope you all like, comments welcomed


P.S. The MG in the last picture is being replaced by a Vox AD60VTX tommorow which I'm pretty excited about

CoolThe original pickup was a SD Invader right?
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Cheers guys! Lookie_here, its actually a Duncan-designed "Detonator"... think they put the invader in the more expensive fender version but I'm not sure.

now that it probably sounds a bit better sand off the squier on the headstock
it doesnt deserve that name anymore
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CoolThe original pickup was a SD Invader right?

No, that's a squire rip. The actual Fender one has an Invader.

That looks damn good dude. Personally I like the single humbucker and volume control, but oh well. You shoulda have repainted the body though...
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nice! i woulda kept the white pickguard and spray painted the headstock white but thats just me
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wow... look at all that amazing routing you did... and tortious shell... looks better on butterscotch i feel.. :-P well...


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now that it probably sounds a bit better sand off the squier on the headstock
it doesnt deserve that name anymore

Yer, that was a thought... the whole neck needs a refinish anyway.. I've still got some tinted lacquer left aswell... I might just scallop it wen he's not looking...

Anyway, does look nice Paul, should be pleased...

Cheers all.

No scalloping! I can barely play it as is... Refinishing the neck sounds good thou, watch out for that one, might touch up the damage on the body at the same time as its a bit tatty.

Looks awesome.....
Now play the stink out it......
I would hold of on the neck thing for a while. How do the dual 'buckers sound?

BTW. You will get better.... (as you are a beginner)
Squiers really aren't worth sacrificing beautiful virgins for in order to give them a soul, it'd be less effort to take the would be sacrifice out to dinner or something.

In all seriousness that's a damn good mod job considering the time you did it in. Nice job.
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I would repaint it, because you did end up with some chips and holes, although I wouldn't choose white as the new color, I have never really liked tortoise pickguards because they are hard to mix with other colors, but maybe a orange sunburst could fit the pickguard...

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Wait: idea just came to me

Do something for the headstock to OUTLINE the squier logo, make it stand out. that way, after a gig, when people come to see you to see what kinda wicked axe you used to get that great tone, you pull out the squier and say "It's all in the handss, baby "

On a more serious note: i'd change the knobs and/or the body color so they fit each other, i personally would paint the body butterscotch, and maybe refinish the neck/headstock with a darker lacquer (or w.e is used, im still learning i just think the finish would look better/vintage-ier if darker)
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get rid of those cream knobs and switch, get some white ones

i vote keep the knobs and paint it butterscotch, thatd be amazing with the tortoise shell!

but even without that, amazing job, ive been wantin to see somebody do a strat with paf style pickups
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