Yes, where do you often position your picking hand? I always position on the middle but sometimes i'm playing and unconsciously i move to the neck, which i don't know if is good or bad, cause i read an interview of Steve Vai, that he said he began playing very close to the neck and even on the neck itself, and the he changed his picking technique entirely to play like actualy he does, but he never said that it was a bad/good habit/technique. Any opinions about this?.
i play right in the middle of the nec kand bridge pickups, unless im doing pinch harmonics, in which case i have to shift my picking hand around
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My hand rests on the bridge so i pick between the pick up's.

If i'm playing chords with a clean electric, i play across the 12th fret.
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it's true
its all preference until you go past the neck pickup.
it completely changes the sound to be way more bassy and not as loud. Not to mention its much harder to pick because the strings are so loose there.

I usually go right on the bridge pickup for solo runs etc
and middle pickup for strumming

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between the neck and middle for me usually and when im palm mute obviously i move to the bridge
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I play all over the place. They say anchoring is bad, but it doesn't limit me at all. I can do sweep tap arpeggios, get all of the pinch harmonics, and cover the entire guitar just as fast as people who -don't- anchor. But that's just me. I hear it's a bad habit, but I don't care. Either way, I usually play most comfortably around just behind the neck pickup.
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