i hardly ever find a guitar pro part _rocking_
but this one REALLY rocks

at least the theme
Hmm, it was a little bland imo, could do with more variations. The main riff was good though . I like the way you fade in and out. I'd get rid of all the crashes at the second to last bit, if it was my song.
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i cant say i really like it. sorry, its just to repetitive, and has a sound that makes me imagine fred durst rapping over it. (not a good thing)

though considering that you have Korn as the first part of your name, thats not too crazy a thought...
*hum* thanks to you 3... links to yours would be good! a crit for a crit...
and now i'm trying to put lyrics on it, so if some1 wanna help me, send me a mail : trident6669@hotmail.com...

and on my last crit, for the rap, forget it i would put something like FFTL or American Head Charge... at least, i'd make it like drowning pool
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U arent in the good topic man! but at real time you just have to zip it!
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As far as your song goes... I liked it, although that fact alone scared me... anyway, it is painfully repetitive, and there are plenty of conflicting notes durring the final sections due to overlap, but beyond all that... I really could imagine someone like Marylin Manson or Rob Zombie playing this kind of song... it has some of the atmosphere most Korn songs tend to have, and I've always appretiated that. Good job... I guess.
It was pretty good, but don't keep making such repetitive songs all the time though.
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Ya, I agree, it was pretty bland... but it had potential. Comment mine please? Its in my sig.
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As a song, it was ok. It's very Nu-Metal sounding, not really my style, since like this song has a lot of repetitive parts or just overplayed, especially the first riff. But there were some good parts in it, for example, I really liked how the bass would be played alone and then build up to the next part. The drums could be better, but I'm guessing, just like many others, that you're not really good at it for now.

Overall, it had a great creepy feel. Just need to cut down on some of the overplayed parts.
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show