i was thinking of doing a bunch of upgrades to my squire to make it sound good
well 1st of all is it possible to make a squire sound good?
and if it is what should i do to it i was thinking buying a new neck and new p/u's
suggestions are greatly appreciated
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Squiers make a great EEEAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH sound when you put them through a wood-chipper.

Squier bodies are a hit or quite often miss situation. Its possible to make a squier sound alright, but with the time and money you'll be putting in, you'd be better off saving the money and getting yourself a Fender.
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It is possible to make them sound good ... and based on a bunch of Squier mods in this forum, the benefits of modding the guitar are tremendous - prep work, planning, painting, finishing, soldering, assembly, etc.

I used to play my Gibson SG more than all my other guitars combined. But when I finished my own mod, I play the modded Srat far more than all else combined.

Go for it and Good Luck!