I hope this is the right forum, because i assumed since powertab help is in here, that midi help could go here too.

Anywho down to the story about my midi:
I use guitar pro 5 to write songs. I have posted a few on here at UG. As you may know, guitar pro has that rse thing that uses actual sounds from the instruments instead of midi. i like this sound for the guitars, but for the bass and drums i dont. the bass sounds too muffled, and the drums (especially snare and cymbal) sound really weird. now heres the problem:


I dont know what to do to fix it, but ive been trying to live with it, but the sounds coming from the program dont sound right they sound awkward and out of place

SO, i was wondering if anyone has anysuggestions on what to do. any replies would be appreciated
See what soundfonts are loading into your midi processor or program. Change them and see if that doesn't help.