i need an amp that will be loud enought to play small gigs and jam sessions. i play a lot of rock, punk, but not much metal. i also play some clean stuff. suggestions please...
fender hot rod delux. it has the best clean i've heard. abd 40 TUBE watts can blow your head off :-)
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A Fender Deluxe amp with 100W would be a good choice. I play a 1X12 design with Epiphone LPs and sounds good and plenty of power for a small gig.
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i bought a spider ii 112 combo for 200$, 75 watts. best deal ever!!! try it out....

no no no no no......if he wants a sterile thin distortion that cant compare to all tube, then i guess he can do that.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Get the new Vox ac30. Its cheaper coz it has only one speaker but it is awesome and jst the right wattage for small gigs and home practice.