hey everyone, my name is steve, i have been playing guitar for around a year and a half, i'm truthfully addicted. i cannot stop playing. seriously,i practice up to 7-10 hours a day. my favourite band is Iron Maiden, best in the world. i have written many songs in their style, but i have only gotten 75% of them completed because i having trouble with writing a solo on the guitar. of course anyone can just jam like van halen, i can at least, but i am trying to write a solo with ''direction" so that it fits like a puzzle piece. and stays in key, i have tried the solo section of the website, didn't help much, i am constantly practicing all of the scales, they're not helping, but maybe you can. so please help me out, it's driving me MAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Use vocal melody as basis for solo? Y,know, as in Smells Like Teen Spirit, Bat Country.

Probably a **** idea but hey i tried
not every song needs a solo...if you aren't feeling it, than don't just try to force it...practice other solos and see how they work...just practicing scales isn't going to do it for ya

Good luck!
The best way is to learn arpeggios and mess around. Messing around with your guitar is probably when you'll learn most.
that helps, but if you have ever listened to Iron Maiden, their solos stay in key, it's mesmurizing how awesome they are.