I've wondered this for a while and couldn't find a good answer on this forum. But why is it that the bridge pickup on stratocasters is on an angle. Would it make a huge difference tonally if it was straight? Humbuckers are straight so why are single coil bridge pickups not? Why are the middle and neck pickups straight?
i think its because, if the pickup was straight it woul dbe too trebly. but wait for somebody to give you a more in depth anwaser
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Hmmm, I've always wondered too.
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I figured theres a reason and it's not for looks. I'd like to know if it makes much a difference because I'm ordering a custom pick guard see my thread in gear building and customizing. And I'd like to know if I should order the bridge as straight or keep it angeld. If it makes any difference this isn't a stock bridge pickup it's a DiMarzio Virtual 2 Bridge.
wylde_overdrive has already given you the answer...
If it were straightened (depending on which way it was slanted in the first place) if would chage the bass/treble-ness of the pickup.
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To balance out the bass and treble of it.

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