Can i have some suggestions for some metal bands that dont scream or grunt? I dont want genres, just give me some names of bands plz.
Sabbath, Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Megadeth. There are a couple that i consider metal but most people dont such as Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rush, and Dream Theater. Dragonforce doesn't, and neither do very many other power metal bands.
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nevermore....best you're gonna find
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megadeth, sabbath, zeppelin, pantera (well sorta)
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nevermore....best you're gonna find

Nevermore is good but IMO the singers voice is more annoying then the bands who scream/growl, Check them out though, they might be your thing.
Recommendation thread is your friend.

Try some Helloween, Cathedral and Venom. All different sounding bands with clean vox.
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