hey i dont know where jus
im buyin a fender telecaster soon and i was wondering if it was good enough for playing my style of music.

just to name a few bands: red jumpsuit apparatus...underoath..thrice...senses fail...silverstein..lagwagon

music like that.

i hear that a tele sounds too twangy. is this true? could i play those styels of music with a tele?

if not then im thinking about gettin a esp ec50
how good is that one?

thnx for the help.
i say epi sg
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if john 5 can make a tele sound metalish, then you can make a tele sound how you want it
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yeah, teles rock. i play the kind of music your wanting to play and its awesome. just make sure you have some good distortion.
not with 2 singles you can't...

maybe you should try somthing else
Definitely get a Tele with a 'bucker in it.
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One of the guitarists from Underoath uses a Tele, so yes. Plus I love Teles.
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I'm plannign on buying a Tele as my next guitar too! It's great, but I say it's mostly the amp. I love the neck and it should play very well
Well they are twangy but people like that, like me for example. I wouldnt suggest buying it if you havent even tried one out yet. Try it out man and decide for yourself, and dont get that LTD cause a tele would pwn that thing any day.
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Actually, if you wire the two pickups of your Telecaster in-series out-of-phase (some people call it 'in-phase' but I have been an electrical tech for 18 years... trust me, it's out of phase) the two pickups of your Telecaster will be a humbucker.

I had a left handed strat wired up so that you could only select either the bridge and the middle pickup in-series humbucking or the bridge and the neck pickup in-series humbucking. No one who heard it could believe that they were stock Fender strat pickups and no one could believe the sound. Guitars just don't sound like that!

That guitar got stolen. We think it was my stepdaughter's ex-boyfriend or his brother.

EDIT: I guess I should tell you how to do that: you wire the start of one pickup to ground (either one) then the finish of that same pickup to the finish of the other pickup then the start of the second pickup to the output (that is, to the volume) If you know how to solder, you could do this in 15 minute. You would have to eliminate the three position switch of your tele to do this, unless you have a toggle switch and more time and skill.
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?