Hey, i just got a previously used strat and it has a bunch of like, scratches on it. (apprently they wanted to use a razor to write something into the paint) its not TOO bad, but it's fairly visible at the right angle. anybody got any sugestions for some sort of scratch remover or something?
thanks a bunch
If they used a razor on it I'm not sure you're going to be able to do much about those scratches. >_> Though I could be wrong.
The only thing you could do is sand down the finish and refill it yourself. If I were you I would just leave them. They won't affect your tone in any way.
take a clear varnish, tape over everything not scratched, and spray the varnish on. after a couple coats, sand it. then do one coat, and buff it with a car buffer. good as new.
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well. at this point i figure im just gonna sand it down where the scratches are and get a faded John Frusciante style thing going on, and kinda wear it down a lil more. it'll look cool i think, and if all else fails i'll take out the electronics and repaint the whole thing, i wanna half and half it down the middle with red on the left side of the neck and black on the right. if everything goes well, i'll post pictures soon of something.
If its just the laquer they scratched, you can use nail varnish. tab it over the scratchs and rub it into it. Clearn up anything excess with a dry cloth
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First of all what color is the guitar?

if its black...a black marker pen can do the job...

I was once moving furniture into someones house and banged there 17th century wooden chair...got my marker pen and colored in the chip.....and that was a brown color......so should work on black just as easy man