Ohkay I think this is in the right place and I searched it to see if there were any other threads the same, sorry if there are, but here goes.

I was wondering if there were many decent bands that use drum machines (or some form of it) live or in the studio.

My band has a show on Friday, and we've sacked our drummer, so I want some inspiration/encouragement that this won't be a disaster.

We'll be using drum tracks of the actual songs using proper tabs, so they'll sound like the songs, but I'm still a little worried.
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All of bomb the music industry!'s songs are done with computerized drums and such.
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beck is a good one
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They use live drums too, though. Their use of drum machines is by choice: they have a competent drummer but use drum machines on some tracks anyway for effect.

I'm pretty sure She Wants Revenge uses drum machines too (but they aren't that great, in my opinion).

So yes, there are decent bands that use drum machines (and yes, they use them live).

I believe they had two percussionists and that they also developed one of the earliest drum machines.
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Radiohead use them the odd time, but on Thom Yorke's album The Eraser there's no real drums except a tiny bit in Cymbal Rush.

John Frusicante uses them at lot on his solo albums, correct? I've never heard any of it with a drum machine in it.
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I've heard an (indie?) band Big Black used drum machines, haven't heard anything by them yet though.
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Nine Inch Nails. 'Nuff said.
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Nine Inch Nails. 'Nuff said.


smashing pumpkins used a drum machine before they put out their first album
Smashing Pumpkins also used them on Adore (I think).

Also, the "Echo" in Echo and the Bunnymen is the name of their drum machine, so they probably use one.
Sister's of Mercy, I'm not sure how much Rob Zombie used em but I'm pretty sure he did.
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Necrophagist's album, "Onset of Putrefacation".

Fo' sho'

Plus thats super technical and cool.
meshuggah have used drum machines. not always, but they have done- like on "war" i believe.
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