Poll: How well can you play guitar standing up?
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View poll results: How well can you play guitar standing up?
I can play the low frets fluently, but not the high.
5 8%
I can play the high frets fluently, but not the low.
5 8%
I play awkwardly standing up - can't really do it.
5 8%
Can play it just as easily as if I was sitting down.
51 77%
Voters: 66.
How well can you play guitar while standing up?

Don't answer unless you've actually just recently tried playing standing up

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very well, its easy
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it took a little getting used to ( 30 seconds) but after that it was pretty easy i prefer to stand up for songs that i play lead tho its so much easier
dude i play better standing up than sitting down
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i never play sitting down. i have before and i thinks its harder. playing standing up is way easier for me.
It's a little easier on some things and harder on others, some frets are harder to reach standing when you aren't used to it yet, but I have a flying V so sitting isn't really an option for me (I could, just don't like it and I'm always afraid I'll scratch it or something), when you're standing, soloing is a little harder because you can't really move your body much on the fast stuff, or the guitar might twitch and unless you're good enough to just flow with it it could completely screw up your rythm.
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Looks like I'm the only one having difficulty playing standing up

It's the bending my left wrist at a 90 degree angle part that hurts, and the playing notes beyond the 17th fret that I just can't reach.
just as good as sittin down.
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If you play sitting down with a strap on and the guitar either hanging between your legs or resting on your left knee (unless your left handed), the transistion is easier.
i have trouble because I'm too accustomed to watch the fretboard and I can't do it standing up...

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i don't notice a difference between standing and sitting as long as my strap is at a comfortable length.
Its hard for me to reach across the neck while doing lower frets on the low E
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Who cares? This thread is about pointless.....
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Who cares? This thread is about pointless.....
I care

I wanted to know if I'm the only one who's having trouble playing standing up.
I play better standing because I can reach all the frets without moving my arm, cause I rest my elbow on my knee sometimes when I sit. I prefer standing unless I'm tired.
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I find it more comfortable to play my electric standing and my acoustic sitting. I don't wear my strap very low though. I keep it high enough to be able to comfortably reach any part of the fretboard I need.
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I care

I wanted to know if I'm the only one who's having trouble playing standing up.

raise ur guitar strap.

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i never play sitting down anymore. my guitar is a little heavy though, so sometimes my neck starts to hurt, but im a big pussy.

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its not any difference

I agree....
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