Went watching superman before, great film...then i heard a piano tune which took my back to my childhood...so i thought i'd play with it when i got home, if anyone knows the name of it...i'd LOVE to rename it. Bare with it, it gets a little repetitive at times i'm sure...i couldnt resist putting some electric lead in at the end to finish it off. Enjoy people, crit for crit you dawgs you...

Link in sig - It's called 'Piano Tune'
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hey man that song reminds me of my childhood too. i couldnt remember the name of it until my 5 yr old cousin was watching the stuart little film and i heard it and something clicked. its called heart and soul. i dont know who its by but some of the words are; "that magic night we kissed. right there under the moon mist. thats when i lost control. fell in love heart and soul. heart and sooooul. you made me love you heart and soul."

p.s. do you have tabs to it? i would kill (literally) to know the tabs and make a recording
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I thought this was going to be the Edguy song

Very nice sounding, the parts fit well together, sounds very relaxing

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