Hmm. Ok, well first off I'm in a band and we're gonna wanna start recording soon. I have a Fostex MR8 Multi Track Recorder. When I plug instruments in directly, theres no tone and it sounds dead. When I mic up my Fender Amp with an AKG D 8000 S. It doesnt sound that great but I deal with it, and I use that mic to record vocals and its not that great. Now I have $125 to spend, cuz i sold my old bass to a friend. I'm in a dilema and I'm thinking about either getting the Line 6 Toneport or a Shure SM57 for a better tone when I record. I dont know what to get. If I bought the Line 6 Toneport, would I be able to plug my guitar into that and then into my Fostex MR8? and if I can, would I be able to get a good tone with my AKG plugged into the Toneport? I dont wanna download a recording program, I kinda have to use the MR8 cuz it was a gift from my brother. So what should I get?
Sorry for all the gramatical errors, I hope it doesnt bother anyone.
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Get the SM57. Then put it on a little stand with the end of it up against the grill cloth in the centre of the amp, angled a little bit towards the left, and record. It'll sound great.
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