I need to know what a 'harmonic' is... In some tabs it says to do a harmonic, eg: 12th fret harmonic... What are they and how do you do them? Thanks
a harmonic is an overtone...uh..it has to do with string vibrations and physics, and i ****ed that up bad in gr. 11, so i'll get down to how to execute them. just place yer finger over the fret wire. do not press down, and pluck the string. can be done at any fret, but works best at the 12 7 and 5 (and 17 or 19). very simple, you should hear a ringing sound
You do a natural harmonic by putting your finger on a string (for example the 12th fret) but not pressing all the way down and picking.

Heres some more info Harmonics
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