I've got a couple BOSS pedals for sale.

MT-2 Metal Zone. In great condition, no box or anything, but it still plays and I believe the battery in it is still good. I used a power supply for it, so it should still be good. $99 new but I'll take $55 for it and I'm willing to negotiate on that.

PW-10 V-Wah. This is a great wah pedal, as its got built in overdrive as well as multiple wahs, modeling the Crybaby, Vox, Voice sounds, and a bass wah simulator for those funky Shaft bass lines. I bought this unit brand new from Shivelbines about 3 years ago or so when they first came out. They're about $130 new, but I'll take $75 for it and I am willing to negotiate that as well.

If you are interested, hit me up at guitarplayinsmit@hotmail.com and I can send pictures if you want. I'm wanting to sell locally(which is in Southeast Missouri, south of St. Louis) but they will hit Ebay eventually if noone wants them. My AIM is smitdawg35 if you want to contact me through there.

I'll also do some trading if people have some pedals, instruments, etc that they want to get rid of. I'll take offers on that as well. WILLING TO NEGOTIATE THE PRICES. These are not being used anymore in my setup, so I am wanting to get rid of them. I'll make someone a happy camper. EMail me for photos if you need to see them.
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Hey man Ill trade you a ds-1 with with power adapter for your Wah pedal. They are in perfect condition, and if you were to buy them new it would come out to 57$, so I would include 10-15 more dollars in the trade. Thanks. I dont want my ds-1 anymore, because I bought an amp with plenty distortion! Hope you are interested! Ive been dying to get a Wah. Pm Me