Well, the first time i saw the solo i really didn't notice the technique, but the second time i got a little shocked. If anyone has seen the solo, it has a technique that looks like Herman Li is just hitting the strings. (Steve Vai uses the same technique in several songs) They pinch the strings and use the vib to.. there i fell out.. Anyone care to explain the technique? Thanx.
when does this happen?
Youtube covers

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when does this happen?

during the solo, duh
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The guitar battle solo thingy. Hittin' the strings like a little maniac. Just like Steve Vai on the last G3 too Looks like they're hitting the strings :S Don't understand it. On tablatur it says he's pinching two strings at the same time, but he's just hitting them!
U mean the tapping stuff?

I'm not sure what u mean exactly, but that's prolly it; fretboard tapping (combined w/ sweeping).
Another technique is also the whammy pedal w/ an octaver setting...
I think you're talking about tapping
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do you mean where it looks like he's grabbing the string with his right hand and pulling it up and down? it's really the whammy bar. he just holds it over the string. is that what you mean?
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whammy octaver thingy, yes! what the hell? :P Explain?

Digitech makes this pedal called the 'Whammy"

Basically, it works kinda like a wah pedal, but instead of modulating between bass & treble frequencies, it actually alters the pitch of ur guitar's sound!
In other words, w/ the octave setting, it creates the effect that ur guitar sounds an octave (12 frets) higher than it is tuned.

Herman uses it throughout the song, but it's more obvious during the solo where he kinda randomizes its use to create that "soaring/flying" sound instead of using the actual whammy bar on the guitar all the time...

Prety cool eh?