What would be a more logical first PA system for my band? I have $600. I was looking at either the Fender Passport Series(2 75 watt speakers and 4 inputs) @ $489 OR a Behringer Eurorack UB1202(4 mic inputs and 2 stereo) with two Behringer E1502 2-Way Speakers(200W/400W program/peak power) @ $520. My Dad likes the fender because it is more versitile and portable and I like the Behringers because they are bigger and the inputs and EQ and wattage are better. Which of these deals are better or is there a different PA that would blow these away for under or near $600??

thank you
75 watts will NOT get you by in a band Unless it's like soft accoustic stuff. however, you need an amp for the speakers, they don't look like they are powered. If they are then yes get that, if not.....em.... Buy a Behringer amp for another $200 or so maybe if you can afford it.
Okay I found a $549 Stagepas 300 Portable PA with 2 150W powered speakers with a fair 6 channel mixer. Is 2 150W speakers enough?

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Probably. What actually matters alot is the efficiency of the speakers and the SPL measured at a certain standard distance and all that. See if you can find any info on it about that SPL on both systems (Sound pressure level) If you give me product pages I might can look for it later, but I'm heading off to work right this second.