So........ the New York Dolls (whats left of them anyway) are releasing a new album the 25th I believe, and I was just wondering what you guys thought of this?

I heard "Dance Like a Monkey" on the Henry Rollins show and I was impressed by it. Based on that song Syl and Dave seem to have aged well, or at least better than those old farts the Rolling Stones.

So waddya think? Are they tainting a legacy? Could they Pull this Off?

Presonally, I think this album is pretty unecessary, but I'm clinging to some hope that it might actually be good.
Yeah, I saw the Rollins Show performance also. I didn't like it near as much as their old stuff, but the song was catchy. Like you said, they don't have to make this record. I really hope that it isn't a stain on their careers (the only 2 of them that are left).
yeah i saw it on conan o brian as well. it was alright, i've heard worse.
are there any horse socks? is anyone listening to me?
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I've seen the Dolls play twice in the last two years, and Syl still has every bit of fire he did before. And I think there is something about Manhattan that keeps these front men wild, because Johanson seems to be like a private taxi, old as hell but still taking people in for a wild ride every day!

Haha wow.
Now that was a classy post.