Hey I don't usually like rap, but I love RJD2, Atmosphere, and Soul Position. I just discovered them a few months ago, so do you guys know any more artists that are as good/similar to any of these groups?
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i feel like an idiot, so plz don't flame me, but is hendrix still alive?

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I dont listen to rap alot but I do know that public enemy is pretty similar to atmosphere. I am pretty sure that public enemy has alot of political songs some good public enemy songs are "fight the power" and "by the time I get to Arizona".
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^ Public Enemy sounds nothing like Atmosphere.

Yeah, not even remotely

R2DJ is on Def Jux which are generally produced by either El-p or Mr. Len.

So...You would probably like.

Company Flow
Aesop Rock
Mr. Lif
Cannibal Ox
Ill Bill
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