Me and my friend are going to start producing an in-home radio station that will be broadcasted on the net. But we're gonna play you guys' music. Just send a song of your band (has to be an MP3) to mitchandcolby@hotmail.com and we'll play it. We'll try to play everything we get. So just send us your song, band name, where you're from (if you want), and any shows you'll be playing sometime soon. We preferably want links to your dmusic page, a myspace page, or purevolume page (but I have to be able to download the song). So send us your song guys, and we'll have more info up soon.
Ok, thanks man. I'll pick a song or 2 to play, or do you have any certain one you want played?
hey man this sounds like a great idea. where is your station located, and is it possible for us to listen?

i'll give you my myspace, since im not too sure that my dMusic is working. play 5-21 if you get the chance. thanks a lot, i think this is great that you can give these guys a chance to get some airplay (even if it is a tiny station)


the band is purple, we hail from jersey
Well, remember, this will be played on the internet and will have a dedicated site. But once people learn about the site, there should be quiet a bit of people listening. So to answer your question, yes you will be able to listen and probably download the broadcast.
nice, this is a great idea. is it just UG songs, or are there other sites form where your taking music?
Any site we can get people songs from. The radio page will be a myspace page, so I'll be posting a topic on the Myspace forum. And I'm glad you like the idea.