Well I think we have a pretty good song list. Just wanted to get everyone's oppion. We try to have alot of vareriaty of music. Also alot of songs that people will know. So what do ya think?

Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
Espinoge - Green Day??
American Idiot - Green Day
St. Jimmy - Green Day
Wipeout - The Atlantics
Self Esteem - The Offspring
Californication - Red Hot CHili Peppers
Rock & Roll - Led Zeppelin
Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry
What I like about you - Romantics
American Woman - Lenny Kravitz
Are you gonna be my Girl - Jet
Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones
Lonely Day - System of a Down
Memory - Sugarcult
Back to California - Sugarcult
Until the Day I Die - Story of the Year
Fly me to The Moon - Frank Sinatra
A Train - Duke Elligton
Scotty Doesn't Know - Lustra
Crawline in the Dark - Hoobastank
One Year, Six Months - Yellowcard
Some Kind of Monster - Metallica
Adams Song - Blink 182
Whats my Age Again? - Blink 182
Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf

Any songs that we could add? Also Post the songs that you guys can play.
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espionage isnt a greenday song, they play it but its not theres. My band plays that when we come on stage.

mabye an origional?
O well thats who played it when I discovered it. O well. its kinda fun to play but its really just the same thing over and over.
we don't really play very many cover songs, but the ones we do play are:

Rebel Yell- Billy Idol
I Am the Walrus- The Beatles (industrialized)
Dreams in Digital- Orgy (with added solo)
^^^ Yeah we need to work on some original songs. We don't have any. But IMO I think for a starting band to become popular you need to play cover songs that people will no. Then play your original stuff.
We'll try it just seems sooo overwhelming to write some riffs make a beat write lyrics and put it all together. idk it just does.
Nice. My only advice is play something else by RHCP, not Cali. You don't want to be ANOTHER band that plays Californication ánd Self Esteem. (My old band used to play those )
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^^^ REally? I never would think alot of bands played self-esteem.

Believe me bud, I know at least 4 bands that cover it, and they're all pretty nooby aswell, so doing Self Esteem would give the impression that you're, well, noobs. Try a more original, less covered Offspring song.
I cover:

"The Beautiful People"-Manson (Yes, Manson)
"We're Not Gonna Take It"-Twisted Sister
"Of Mice And Men"-Megadeth
"Patience"-Guns N Roses
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thats quite a few, but you know you should play way more originals.
we dont't play many covers because its usually harder to learn that to make up stuff. IMO.
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dead embryonic cells - sepultura
roots bloody roots - sepultura (very easy barely able to **** it up)
some Death songs, they technical and good
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\m/ Laceration \m/

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We cover:

Master of Puppets & For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Raining Blood - Slayer
Imperium - Machine Head
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imperium rocks i love that song lol shame my drummers is to poo to play it
\m/ >_< \m/

\m/ Laceration \m/

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I wish a thousand Lex Steele rapes upon you...

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Nuthin' like 12,000 inches of negro penis in the bum to set your musical taste right.
Espionage rocks, i do a my own cover version of that, we use at the end of our set, i play it solo and everyone else walks off the stage
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Well i think you should Play Some Older Green Day songs and Play Master Of Puppets Instead Of Some Kinda Monster. You'll have to learn the solo but its pretty easy.



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Best advice I can give you is take the time to write your own songs and become better players.
I would love to hear you guys play fly me to the moon.

Do you do like a rock version?
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