I have an ovation celebrity i got back in november, it sounds great and all but i cant seem to get used to the shape of the back. it kinda feels like its sliding when i'm sitting down with it, and it moves to an akward angle when i play standing with it. does anyone have any tips?
if you set the guitar on your right leg when you play, try elevating it at a greater angle. Try sitting on a stool with your right leg hiked up high or when your sitting in a chair, put your right leg on a stack of books or on your amp or something.
i agree with you i played someones ovation and it did keep slipping. i didnt like it.
I've been playing my Ovation for 8 years. I often used my right arm (forearm) to help stabilize it and stop it from moving. Not sure if you're using a strap, but I set mine slightly higher than my Takamine or other acoustics. Also, I used to lean over (forward) more when sitting. I found that a stool with your leg at the rht height makes a big difference and stops it from moving. But, learn to adjust while playing. I still need to sometimes when performing or doing studio work. But most of all, ENJOY the guitar. Don't let ist shape put you off!

thanks. its a great guitar, and a big upgrade from the acoustic i had before. its just taking some getting used to the back shape after playing regular backed acoustics. i appreciate the imput.
I usually keep my right leg on the balls of my feet which makes it work a hundred times better.
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