hey guys, so i hav 220 dollars (canadian) to spend on effect pedals. wut do u guys suggest i buy? i currently hav no pedals so i wanna start a collection. so i wanna buy like the basic pedals to start off wit. thx!
delay and distortion are the most basic probably, maybe wah
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buy a digitech whammy with that money man... its the single best pedal i have in my pedal collection.
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well, what kind of amp do you have? do you like your amps distortion channel and does it have a footswitch? cause if you have a good distortion channel and a footswitch you probably can get by without a distortion pedal. if you have a tube amp its good to get an overdrive pedal to push the tubes.

a lot of people really like the wah pedal, but personally i dont have one cause im not a huge fan. delay, chorus and compression are some basic effects that can give you a nicer sound. if you want something to get a bit crazier try a phaser or a flanger. it really depends on what music you play as to what will best compliment your style.
great for punk music.
and a wah pedal....cough*ibanez weeping demon*cough (its kinda the BEST)
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i swear by boss pedals, IMO

built like tanks, sound good, sound great after modding
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You can find a good wah for around $100 on ebay, try the Dimebag wah, Vox, or and Crybaby. With the extra $120 get a distortion pedal, or maybe save up another $30 and get the Boss OD-20, it has 22 different distortions.
^ hes in canadia, everythings so expensive up there he could probably hardly buy a ds1 :P

pretty much, give us more information.

but for a start on a collection, a wah almost never hurts.
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no i dont hav a footswitch and i dont like my amps distortion, well its not bad, but it sounds more like an overdrive than distortion, i want somthin heavier.