Ok so I need a distortion pedal that'll give me a really heavy tone for playing Metallica, Pantera, Maiden etc. I've used an MT-2 recently and I thought it was really good, but I was wondering if there's anything better on the market.

I'm not on any budget here, I just want a really good heavy distortion pedal for playing heavy metal.

My setup is a Marshall DSL 401 and an Ibanez RG1570.


I dont know if its better but a smashbox by ibanez will work.
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since you got that nice Ibanez Im gonna say get a line 6 distortion pedal to go with that. line 6's product is amazing. I would recomend it.
Dont get a distortion pedal. Get an overdrive and push your amp into metal territory. Check out the Maxon OD-9 or Ibanez TS-9
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Dont get a distortion pedal. Get an overdrive and push your amp into metal territory. Check out the Maxon OD-9 or Ibanez TS-9

I have an overdrive pedal (TS808 screamer) and its not the sound I'm looking for in this case.

ps, I do quite like the screamer, but it wont do for playing metal, its good for other stuff.

have you tried the od on max and your amps gain on max?

youre taking a thousand dollar amp and using the distortion of a 150 dollar pedal.

find a more ballsy overdrive.
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i'd get an overdrive pedal.

or maybe an HBE big D distortion pedal. it's awesome. £250 though (about 350-400 euro).
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id get a mt-2 or a line 6 uber metal
theyre both great and the uber metal has a crapload of settings and is very versitile but mostly only for metal and HEAVY stuff
i don't know if this is any good with your equipment but the death metal by digitech is great for REALLY HEAVEY stuff. and it's not to pricy.
Crank your amp and use the tubescreamer with a low gain setting.

It's all about the tubes.
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I'm thinking a Boss SD-1, Maxon OD9, Ibanez TS9 or, if you're hell-bent on a disto pedal, the Metal Muff.