Hey guys. This isn't so much of a question of what to do, but about past experiences. I just found out that the other member in my acoustic duo (used to be a full band, but when that broke up we just went on as acoustic, waiting to find a bassist and drummer) booked us at the biggest venue in the area. While yes this is great we are also playing with two screamo/hardcore/whatever bands. At first I was like "Oh jeez, this is going to blow" but now that I think about it one of the best shows I have went to as of late was one that featured the folk artist The Passing Lane and a hardcore band called The Flood Memoirs. They are on tour together, which is even more odd, but they are all really good friends and are from the same area. Anyways, what are your past experiences with odd show lineups? How did they work out?
i love odd lineups, escpessially as an audience. I'm in a three peice acoustic band, and we play always play shows with a few hardcore bands that are very great friends with us as well. But yeah from a viewer's stand point, you get to find atleast one good band of your favorite genre at a show. Which I find satisfying. ha. good luck, what place are you playing at?
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It's called Wired Coffeehouse in Evansville Indiana. There are three venues in my area the VFW in Jasper, Indiana. It is a small city in the neighboring county. In Evansville which is about 45 minutes from where I live there are two venues. There is Wired who hosts more of a range in bands and the 1123 club which is mostly hardcore. We are friends with almost all of the bands around here and have played shows with them but this is stepping it up a little bit.
Hm..I got a story.

My band basically plays 80's rock with a tiny bit of new stuff. Just to let you know.

So we get a gig at this place that I've never been to, heard of, or anything. I didn't know much about it at all. So we show up there, and it turns out its pretty much a hardcore joint. Like all the booths are filled with goths and all this ****. So were first up or w/e and we get up there and we look down to basically just a bunch of hardcore people and our parents and some friends we brought. We played some covers, like Sweet Child O' Mine, Barracuda, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, Paranoid, etc. We finish our set and walk off.

The next 2 bands that comes is all out screamo. Yeah I hate that stuff. Everybody was like 'WTF??" for us cuz we were nothing like them, and I don't think anyone there has ever heard anything but screamo. We made a huge mistake though in warming up with 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Yeah that was smart

We really felt like we didn't fit in, but oh well. It all worked out though cuz the owner of the place really liked our stuff and he ran over to the place next door and got us a gig there the same night. That place on the other hand, was awesome.

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Yea, we played this huge benefit concert and most every band there was a hardcore or screamo band and we played All Along The Watchtower and everyone loved it. I got a comment from another guitarist that it was the most fun he had all night. It was sweet. I guess I'm not really nervous. I don't actually get nervous anymore hahah. I was just wondering what you guys thought about mixed lineup gigs.
Bands of different genres playing the same venue is very common in my area because the music scene is very small and there are not many shows that happen. When there is a show, the same people come everytime. There is one that stands out in my mind:

We were booked to play this community rec hall with a few other popular bands. This ended up being the most disrespectful show I think I've been to. We all showed up there when the first band was playing and we were the only band (out of 10) who had all members present there besides the one on stage. The first band left right after they were done. There was a good 200 peole there, so I thought we would have a good crowd. We were told we would be going 3rd which sounded like a key position on the bill.

Come to find out, the band who booked the event now pushed us back to last. The 3rd band to go on was this psychedelic instrumental jazz band. Even though they were instrumental, they never talked or acknowledged the audience at all. I have NO idea why they were there considering the entire audience was made up of Emo kids. The 2 bands before us were HARDCORE screamo and absolutely terrible. When they were playing you just saw masses of people walk to the door. When we went on stage, there were 12 people in the audience, 10 of whom we brought.

Even though we were paid for our services, we made a pack that night that if we are ever put last on a show like that (Which are notorious for having people leave before the last band goes on) that we would walk out if our demands weren't made and not play at all.
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Yea, that benefit was like that. We were supposed to be about 5th out of around 20 bands, we ended up being second to last, and only because our good friends in one of the biggest bands there played a 3 song set so that the last two bands could play at all.