Okay im not sure if im good enough to be in the school's jazz band, its like the marching band except its a seperate thing and u can choose if u want to do it. Anyway i need to get better at soloing pretty quickly and rythum stuff, anybody got any suggestions for me to do?
just listen to a lot of the music. i mean sit down and focus on the music, listen to it, and dont just focus on one instrument, you need to focus on every instrument. dont listen to only jazz with guitars in it either, listen to john coltrane and stuff. the best way to do what you're thinking is to absorb yourself in the music. it wont make you play great fast, but it will really help you know what sounds good and what sounds bad.
Its jazz man, don't worry about it. Jazz is laid back, just listen to jazz and get a feel for the style, then do your own thing.
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How is it like marching band? Isn't jazz band sitting in a room playing jazz?
yeah mishra is right, dont just listen to guitars, the guitar is a part of the rythm section. they wont be as much fasinated that you can play fast as much as you can keep good time. dont play power chords! aaand sleep with a hot chick from the brass section.. youll find they have hidden talents.. atleast i did.
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learn all your barre chords: major, minor, dominant 7, major 7, minor 7, 9th, minor 9. you PROBABLY wont need many more... its important to learn root 6ths AND root 5ths meaning learn the chords with the root starting on the 6 th string, and their counter parts that have the root on the 5 string. for soloing, learn all of the degrees of the major mode, especially dorian and mixolydian, the blues scale, and the major penatonic.
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One tip from me is get good at reading music because you will be doing it alot.

That's right. Sometimes the sheet music comes with chord shapes or tabs of single note lines but then again there is sheet music that is just the sheet music. Work on being able to read music but if you are in marching band, I'm sure you have that down. Also, it has been stated before, in jazz the guitar is part of the rhythm section so you will not be soloing a whole lot. Usually when I have a solo the band director just tells me to improvise it. To get a cool solo that will grab people's attention, it's not really about playing fast. Cop the licks off of the other lead instruments like trumpets and saxs, while throwing in your own little things.