Ok I'm beginning to come across some money with which to hotrod my Strat and I have a few questions.


Right now it has a SSS setup which I will be changing to a fat strat configuration. I need suggestions for a humbucker for the bridge as well as pickups that won't make so much extra noise for the neck and middle positions. I play a lot of music that uses heavy distortion so I need pickups that still sound clear under a lot of distortion, and maybe something good for cleans in the neck.

Other Stuff:

Does anybody know what kind of tuners will fit a Strat? I'd like to look into some locking tuners, but I'm not sure which kind to buy. Will any kind of strap lock fit my guitar?

Thanks to anybody who can help answer my questions. Other suggestions are always welcome.
*My Gear*

Schecter S-1
Fender MIM Strat (soon to be hotrodded)
Fender Acoustic/electric
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