Im moving off to college this spring and i have 3 electrics, a fender mexican strat, a schecter c-1 plus, and a 92' Gison Les Paul studios with EMG's. These guitars will just sit around in their cases and collect dust. I was thinking about trading them all in for an Ibanez S series prestige, though im not sure which one. Do you think this is a good idea? If there are any other guitars worth mentioning that are good in that price range(1000-1500 USD) and worth mentioning plz do. Thanks for your help.
I think college lasts 4(ish) years, and the guitars arent going anywhere. Don't do something you'll regret.
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I wouldn't trade in any. Just bring one with you and leave the rest behind. A guitar won't go bad in a few years, no point in getting rid of them like that.
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You will be losing so much money. Id rather have 3 guitars collecting dust then give them all away. Think of all the memories you'll be losing. Not to mention the Gibson is worth more than the Ibanez anyways.
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Sell them seperately on ebay, you'll get alot more than a trade in for 1 guitar.
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yea man, just take one with you, Not to mention youll probably be comming home for vacations and stuff so keep them around so when you come you get to play them.
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Sell 'em seperately.

I'd look into ESP/LTD if I were you... for 1500 you can definately get an ESP Eclipse... beautiful instrument.
keep your guitars and take one with you. dont take your favorite cuz theres always a chance of you dumbass roomy breaking it
If I were you, I'd keep them at home. Especially that Gibby, I wouldn't trade that for an Ibanez, especially since it's worth more. If you must get rid of them, DO NOT TRADE. Sell them individually, you'll make a lot more money that way.

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Ibanez S's are like $800 canadian, you'd be a fool to trade 3 guiatrs for one, or even 1 gibson for it.
^ He said ibanez S Prestige, and dependng on the model, the studio may not be worth more than it. But that is stupid to trade all 3 for it.
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I don't get why people feel the need to take a huge loss and give up their gear when they go to college. College is only 4 years. And like another poster said, there are vacations in there that you'll go home during.

I suggest you keep your current guitars, and take one with you. Then, at the first vacation that you go home, switch it with one of the other two. Then, at the next vacation, take the third guitar instead of the other two. Just cycle them out. That way they're still being used and you aren't losing some great instruments.
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yeah youve got some good guitars, i wouldnt trade them (of course i wont even tradse my ****y guitars) but yeah esp keep that Gibson, itll be worth a whole lot eventually from a collectors standpont (even with the EMGs)
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I would go for a decent America Strat, so that you have cash left over to get some really great pickups.
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I think it's a terrible idea. A Fender or Gibson will outlive you, and they're a great investment. Then again, the Ibanez RGTs I've been looking at are pretty sexy...
Sell 'em all and buy a vintage Fender or Gibson. 1970's/80's LP's can be found for less than new ones and they sound and play a lot better.
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why would u get an ibanez juast keep em
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you could probably get a good amount of money for each of those guitars... so I'd sell the one that i least liked and put that money towards that ibanez.
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