I'm thinking about getting a tube amp but i'm debating between a Fender Super Reverb and a Vox AC30 which do u think would be better?
they both have different cleans, just try them out

btw, i use a twin reverb and love it
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they are different sounding cleans. I prefer the vox ac30 because of its dynamic range, and to my ears it has a lot of tasty mids. I havnt played much of the fender, but you shoudl definitly try them both out cuase they are fairly different sounding.

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I just bought a Vox AC30 CC2. Awesome sound I have played Fenders in the past and they have a great clean sound but if it's diversity you're after, then head to the vox. They have a great channel selection where you can blend the two! I get some great tones out of it!
We can't tell you what is best without knowing what you're playing.

Both are REALLY nice.

The super reverb is amazing on about every level (could have a little better overdrive though)
The AC30 is a classic amp and sounds best when its just breaking up, not great cleans, def no heavy overdrive (but neither does the fender)

The fender has better cleans
but the Vox has a little better overdrive

CAUTION: The Vox has TERRRRRIIBLLEEE reliability. They are famous for breaking and messing up. (in some cases the tubes explode)

What style of music are you playing?
fender has better cleans. and will blow anyones head off volume-wise

the ac-30 isn't quite as loud, but you can get more sounds.

if you're not averse to pedels, then go with the fender imo.
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I prefer Vox, since its not 100% clean all the time and quite agressive and sounds beatiful when its jsut breaking up, but a super reverb is also ncie!
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I prefer the Vox AC30. It's a more versatile amp. Softer, mellower tones too.
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If you are in that price range i REALLY REALLY REALLY suggest you try a fender Bassman

i went to GC and played an AC30 and a bassman and i was dissapointed in the AC30 (prob just that particular one) and i fell IN LOOVEE with the bassman.

It's a 4x10 50 watts (not quite as loud as the AC30 because its not class A) It isn't like any other fender. Its mellower cleans and a REALLY nice growl to it. I think it'd be a crime if you didn't at least try it. i LOOVE the bassman.

(you can buy the "relic" version which looks really beat up..it's awful purty)

I do suggest that you play all of these in the store and don't let the name brands influence you and after you hear them THEN take into consideration the flaws (fender doesn't get too heavy sounding, Vox is unreliable and its REALLY heavy, the bassman is yellowish)
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Ok well a fender won't work for that and an AC30 might. You could find somthing better to suit your style though

But if an AC30 is what you want then go for it
Different amps, try them out first, or you're going to Hell.
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both amps can do those bands, just with pedals. but you prolly want built in distortion... *cries
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