I have never tried it, but Audacity has miltitrack recording capabilities. What distro are you using?
I use PCLinuxOS.

I tried using audacity, and got pretty good results. You can do mono and stereo tracks.
I don't know how many total tracks you can do.

I'll look around for others.
OK, I found and installed these two programs last night. The first one is Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a drum machine, kind of like Fruity Loops. The second one is Ardour, whis is a multitrack recording program. Both of these were in my OS's repositories. Here are the links if you want to compile them yourself.



Hope this helps.
thanks i will definetly try these out. im somewhat new to linux so it might take me a while to figure out how to install them. lol. i have decided to move over to fedora because i didn't like suse that much. i like fedora a lot more. any help installing them would be appreciatted.