Alright whilst trying to learn theory I realized I really should probably get fleunt with the fretboard, knowing what note everyfret is
I stumbled upon the grid system and it seems to work pretty well but It just doesn't seem to allow me to build up speed when it comes to knowing some notes

is there anything I can do along with the grid method?
The most important idea you can grasp is that there are only half steps(1 fret) between E-F, and B-C. Every other set of natural notes has a whole step( 2 frets) between them. Really grasping this concept is more important than memorizing that 12 fret is d. The way notes work together is whats important, and knowing this is a start to understanding interval relationships on guitar.

Remember, using those simple rules, you can layout the whole fretboard on your own.
You mean the Guitar Grid method?

That is a very nice method for looking at the fretboard in new ways, a real
aid in preventing "getting lost", and a very quick way to help you see scale degrees
and intervals. But speed? No, it won't help you with that. Technique practice
is the best way to work on your speed.
not playing speed I mean being able to tell you what note the tenth fret on the 3rd string is quickly
Just plain memorization, set about 10 or 15 minutes every night, go every fret and note on every string, while saying the note, fret, and string out loud, it's like memorizing everything else, be as interactive and repetitive as possible, and you won't even have to think about it
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