not bad (don't like the vocals, but that's just me). Good work on the solo.

*listens closely* The verse lick for Albert isn't 100% correct...but that kinda doesn't matter.
Holy crap, the tone is perfect. The vocals are also very true to the original.

Well done.
I don't really know the original, but I like your cover tho. The guitars have a bit of fuzzy tone, but I guess thats probably how the strokes sound, cuz it still sounds really good. The vocals are meh, they're ok, I suppose, at some parts I don't like them so much as other parts. Overall great.
ABSOLUTLY AWESOME MATE!!! fu**ing great job i must say!!

i loved the tone, vocals only slightly off, but you arent casablancas!!

and the guitaring was mint!! that harmony before the solo!! (quiet one) that is pretty hard i know and you got it pretty much spot on!!

keep up the good work!!
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i still think you rock, jimmy.

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badass man just badass

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Wahey a Strokes cover on UG! I think this is only about the second Strokes cover I've ever heard in my time on here, and the other one was by me haha. This is awesome, drums and bass sounded great for programmed. Guitars were very good, I thought you could have got a slightly smoother tone, and less trebly on the lead maybe. You played the riff slightly wrong, during the time when there are two guitars playing, Albert's riff(the catchy part)is played with two strings instead of just one. Check the best tabs to see how he plays that. There was also a slight mistake in Albert's other lick(the hard one)lol, but I'll let you off, that's a bit tough. Solo was great overall. Onto the vocals, you did an awesome job, I find Julian's vocals impossible to even get near to in style, but you pretty much nailed it. Overall, it was brilliant, 9/10!I was ultra-critical of your cover though coz I'm a huge fan
I don't normally comment on Riffs & Recordings .... in fact this will be my first time doing so. The cover was really good I have to say. I truly am impressed.

What gear do you have and what guitar do u have? Just interested.
Wow... this is really great
*Official Deadhead*

The times they are a-changin'
Wow, thanks guys.

And to TheEndHasNoEnd, that's also my name on Myspace. Crazy yo. Thanks a lot for your in depth critique, I appreciate it.

Edit: To badtzwang: My gear is an MIM Telecaster through a Traynor YCV80 amp. I'm not micing the amp, instead I'm going out of the XLR direct-out of the amp (which sounds really great, that's why I don't bother micing it). I'm using a Boss SD-1 the whole time.

For the lead parts I'm using my Tele's neck pickup, and for all rhythm parts I'm using my bridge pickup, which is a Lil' 59'er. I didn't edit or equalize the tone of the guitars at all on the computer, I liked the way they sounded straight from the amp (and crappy Behringer mixer), so I left it like that.
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