(didnt think it got thru the first time if it did sorry)
it is a spoof but it has a good tune, there is no picking just chords and piano

G Em C D
Go out walking just us two there ain?t much in this world I wouldn?t do for
You and if a man with a knife said your money or your life, I wouldn?t even
E C F D Dsus
Flinch, and I?d stair in the eyes of that son of a bitch and this is what I?d say,

G D Am C D C
Do anything you want to the girl just don?t hurt me, she?s got a diamond she?s
Got a necklace, look in her purse there?s keys to a Lexus, me I?ll be on my

G D Am C
Do anything you want to the girl just don?t hurt me, baby I was thinking it
Wasn?t Working anyways, maybe me and you should go separate ways, don?t
Am F G
Want to be near You especially right now, sir I?ll be on my way.

G D Am
Do anything you want to the girl just don?t hurt me X3
in the midst of tears an sorrows when the anger slips aside are the fears of tomorrow where the loneliness resides
So the song is saying the guy loves her, but he'd let the bad guy take her instead of hurt him? I'm sorry but that's sorta... sad... It's a neat/different song... but I just think it's sorta selfish. *cocks head sideways*
Hahal.lol Come on loudmurder he isn't serious...or are you.. .lol. This wasn't what i expected at all. Great stuff.
I am actually very serious about my music. However, I love to see some songs just thrown out there. However, I feel could offend people - depending on how the music part was made. If it was some fast punk stuff, it could go well. If it was dark and dreary (or something from Nirvana), people may take it too seriously. So I guess if I see it as a fun punk thing, it could definetly work.