I'll make this nice and simple.

Thus far, this is what I have:

Crappy no-name $99 electric.
A Roland Cube 15 amp.

Now, I'm completely satisfied with my amp, but - should I get a new electric, or should I get something like a pedal, an effect, or a preamp?

What exactly does a preamp do - is it "necessary"?

I can only afford what is absolutely necessary, so basically what I'm asking is:

Should I buy a new guitar for a hundred something dollars or should I get something else that can improve my tone? Is there anything else out there besides what I've already listed that could help to improve my tone?

If your guitar is that bad, you probably need a new one. But you dont just wanna buy a solid cheap one that you will outgrow before you know it. My suggestion is to save up and buy a good guitar that will last you a long time.
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well on the guitar idea it depends on how much cash you have to spend on it if you only have 50$ more than you spent on your last guitar than you aren't going to improve on it much if you've got the cash for a decent guitar do that, if not save up for one or buy a pedal
Just to give a perspective on things...

I've been saving up for about the past year (not even buying lunch - waiting till I got home to eat), and I have $160...
how much money are you talking about and how/what do you want to improve?

edit: ok with 160 i would either get a wah or add that to a Do Not Touch savings pile for higher end gear.

edit2: a wah wont really improve tone i guess. but for 160, not much will. save for pickups/trem
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how much money are you talking about and how/what do you want to improve?
$160, guitar tone
get a job?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

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get a job?


Even a minimum-wage job will get you enough cash for new gear within a few months.
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get a job?
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There are some guitars that are decent for pretty cheap, Agile al-2000, Dean EVO xm, etc, but you really need to come up with around $400 for a nice playable guitar. No pedal will help take the junky sound and make it nice.
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