So Ill probably be getting a new amp soon....I want to get a half stack...I only have a 30W combo right now. Anyway I play mostly metal and classic rock, which head would be right for me? I dont want to go much over $1300 for the head and cabinet.

Also if your suggesting an amp, Id like to try it first...so please tell me if you think my local guitar centre would have it in stock to try (not too local, 1.5 hours away)

Id really like to get the Avenged Sevenfold tone
for metal and classic rock a marshall DSL would be great (see if you can find a used one) then just get whatever cab (make sure its closed back for that marshall sound) and put some clestion greenbacks or whatever you prefer into it.
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^i hope you mean any Marshall TUBE amps, why does it have to have 100 watts or more to be good? besides you have an MG as your main amp so your opinion doesnst count^

Marshall DSL with an avatar cab w/ celestion V30s


if you dont have to try it out first get a Marshall JCM800 or maybe a JCM900
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as long as it isnt a valvestate, MG or AVT. and really 100 watts is overkill unless youre planning on playing some huge ass venues.
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JCM800 or maybe a XXX or 5150

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I second the jcm 800 idea. In fact I would say look for a Jcm 800 combo on ebay. You really dont need a halfstack unless you are playing stadiums.
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What would have more distortion and be better for classic rock and metal the Marchall DSL, JCM800 or the Peavey 5150?
I'd say Marshall if u like that classic marshall distortion. peavey's pretty high gain, dark, kill your mother kind of sound. I personally don't like it but many do.
Maybe a Peavey 6505. They're not too pricey, and they have tons of gain. They would get close to an Avenged Sevenfold tone too. Only thing is, I don't know how well it would do classic rock (although, it was made to Van Halen's specs).
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JCM 800 or 900, I've seen heads on craigslist for $550-650. Then you could get a cab from Avatar or Vader and still be under your price.
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For $200 more or if you could find a cheap cab i'd go with the Peavey JSX, combo or head, depending on budget. It's a great amp, good cleans, but good distortion too. And hey, Joe Satriani helped design it, how bad can it be?
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