What happens when you tune your guitar down? Can you play songs that were written in dropC or something in standard tuning? my question is probably more like :

what happens to how you play chords and stuff when you down tune your guitar,Do the postions change?

I've only been playing for like 2 months, if its true that the fingerings do change, would it just be better to down tune my guitar and learn songs that are written with down tuned guitars. Seeing that I like metal, and would be the style that i'd want to play.? or should I just keep with the standard tune and do that later on when i'm better?
i think you should stick with the standard for now and the positions dont change when you down tune. if you like metal learn megadeth all there songs are in standard tuning same with metallica except for there cd st anger
If all the strings are dropped relative to one another it wont change the fingering of the song, you just can't play along to the cd. A song played by a band that is using a drop C tuning will sound the same if played in drop D, it will all just sound one tone higher. As long as the relative difference between the strings in one tuning is the same as the strings in the other, you can play it exactly the way the tab says.
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the fingerings change dependin how you tune it

if you open tune, then yes they change,

if you tune all strings down equally, then all positions stay the same, but are in a different key
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the only reason to down tune is to get a lower tone. what happens to chords is they get lower right? for example if you're tuned to C then an open E would turn into a C, but if it is only drop tuned and not in alternate tuning the fingerings wouldn't really change they would only move down the neck. say if you were tuned a full step down from standard tuning and you were playing a song in standard tuning you would just have to play it a full step down the neck. get it? I do like to drop tune because there's just so much more you can expirement with as long as you don't play on the high notes.